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A Selection of Beaches Around Malaga in Spain

The Costa del sol in Malaga Spain is well known for its exquisite beaches. People travel from all over the world every year for vacations in the area.

The beaches are highly regarded for their cleanliness and general lack of pollution. They're also surrounded with plenty of fun activities to catch someone's attention, including great dining, and a festive nightlife.

Whether you're looking for the party atmosphere of a heavily frequented beach, or a more private experience, you can easily find it in Malaga.

Beach in Malaga
The main public beaches have fine dark sand, and wonderful facilities, while many of the more natural beaches have small pebbles, and offer an entirely different atmosphere. It's also generally true that many of the beaches in Malaga are great for fishing, as well as water sports like surfing, and sailing.

Malaga has approximately 16 major beaches. A few of the main ones are:


- This is one of the more popular beaches. There's plenty to do here, and it boasts excellent public facilities.


- A very wide beach which makes it great for water sports like sailing and surfing.


- Known for its natural beauty, and excellent fishing.


- Generally speaking, this beach has been left in a very natural state, and its perfect for people that don't appreciate artificial, man-made beaches.


- Plenty of nightlife and restaurants that have been built up around PEDREGALEJO/LAS ACACIAS. People often come here for the party atmosphere.


- Man-made with a reputation for being very easily accessible. This is a popular area with a lot of traffic.


This beach is pretty far from the main town, but it's still very popular. Great for water sports and fishing.

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